Despite its small geographical cover, Zanzibar Island holds a legendary status in the eyes of many travelers; it is an island full of exotic beaches, culture, and history. Also known as Spice Island; it is located on the eastern coast of the African continent, part of Tanzania. The island is packed with amazing white sand beaches decorated with incredible palms sways which makes it an ideal place to relax.

Brief history

Zanzibar history goes as far back as when the First Arabs and Indian traders discovered the harbor. It was used by these traders as the stopover points, for the caravans to and from the African interiors. After some time of flourishing business, merchants from Oman established permanent settlements and moved their families to this small Island. Families that made great fortune built the high stone buildings; hence the Stone town as we see it nowadays.

Zanzibar Prosperity came with the arrival of Oman Sultans in the 18th century. These sultans collected their fortunes from the slave trade which was at its peak by the time. Mighty empires were built and more wealth was acquired from clove plantations. This era marked the rise of the Swahili civilization in Zanzibar.

Today you will find the evidence of Swahili civilization in Zanzibar stone town remains unchanged. The house of wonder, a grand building used for administrative purposes by the sultans; will greet the visitors with astonishing history.

Just nearby The House of Wonders, the Portuguese marked their brief acquisition of the island with The Fort. The Anglican cathedral on the slave market has a history of its kind worth wondering at.

Day-long spice tours to working spice plantations offer visitors the chance to observe the cultivation of cloves and other spices as nutmeg, vanilla, cinnamon, and many more spices that are making the island famous.

The Archipelago

Zanzibar Island is made up of the series of Islands found in the Indian Ocean. The Island has many small islands with two main large ones: Unguja(informally called Zanzibar) and Pemba. The Island’s capital is Zanzibar city which is located on Unguja Island. Stone Town is Zanzibar’s historical center and has been marked as the World Heritage Site

The Beaches

Zanzibar’s coastline offers some of the best beaches in the world, but sand and surf vary depending on what side of the island you’re on. East coast with Kiwengwa, Pongwe, Uroa, and Chwaka; West coast with Bububu, Mangapwani, Chukwani, Fumba; North coast with Nungwi,  and Matemw; South coast with Bwejuu, Paje, Jambiani, and Kizimkazi

Places to be in Zanzibar


Visit the unspoiled beaches, each beach in Zanzibar offer something special from dolphin tours, luxury stays, varieties of seafood to dhow cruises and so much more, you simply have to be there yourself to enjoy.

Spice Tour

There is a reason why Zanzibar is called the land of spices, the island is rich in rare spices and herbs around the world, take spice tour to learn and experience how spices are used in traditional food as well as medicine.

Jozani Forest

visit the Jozani forest to enjoy the beauty of the landscape(you may take amazing photos here) and get to see the rare colobus monkeys and the mangrove forest.

butterfly center

About a kilometer from Jozani forest is the largest butterfly center in East Africa, where you get to see stages of various butterfly growth and support the conservation and community projects. Butterfly lovers this is not a place to miss.

Prison Island

Once used by an Arab slave trader to contain the more troublesome slaves he had brought from the African mainland before shipping them to the Arabian purchasers. The place is also home to giant Aldabra tortoises.

Forodhani Garden

The garden gets live in the evening, here you will varieties of seafood and local pizza, along with other Swahili food. Enjoy the sunset view while watching young people diving into the ocean.

Stone Town

visit the narrow streets of Zanzibar to get a glimpse of the past and present with various historical sites, such as the house of wonder and slave market. here you may also paint henna tattoos or shop Khanga dresses.

Those are just a few mentions, they’re a lot more to do in Zanzibar that will guarantee an adventurous stay,  full moon parties and varieties of water sports.