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There is a reason why Uganda is called the pearl of the continent. You cannot help but noticing the thrilling Adventures in this part of Africa that are sure to add life to our Clients search for adventures and curiosity. From Gorilla trekking to Queen Elizabeth to Kibale and Murchison Falls National park, your trip around Uganda is sure to leave you with the wows!!  This will infect nothing but smiles and appreciation for the rest of your wonderful life and generations to come. Safarified Africa is always here to make sure we become part of your adventurous history.

Gorilla Trekking

Uganda is that the home of the most important living primates UN agency square measure presently in peril of perishing, the present population of gorillas is numbered and believed to be less than 1000 in total. So taking a visit to Uganda will ensure your chance to get to know these amazing beings not only from afar but at a hand distance. Above all get to know their natural environments and their way of life in close perspective.

Queen Elizabeth

Located in western Uganda, this park is famed for its volcanic features consisting of volcanic cones and deep craters. The place is packed with astonishing wildlife attractions and cultural history, Expect to meet locals who’re dancing, music and storytelling skills are simply wow!

Meet the varieties of animals such as Elephants, buffalos, Hippos, warthogs, sitatunga antelope waterbucks, Uganda kob and Topi, not forgetting the most elusive inhabitant’s felines: lions, leopard serval and other smaller members of the cat family.

Murchison Falls National park

Located in Masindi district, this is the largest national park in Uganda, it is bisected  by Victoria Nile from east and west for a distance about 115km, Meat the four of the big five here: Buffalos, elephants, Lions, and Leopards

Kibale National park

This is the primatologist dream; the chance to visit this park will offer you the unforgettable lifetime memory of man’s closest relatives: we are talking about chimpanzees, Gorillas, and monkeys. Observe their ways of life and wonder about how they build their community and survive a day in day out.

The park is also famed for hosting more than 325 sighted species of birds. Kibale adjoins Queen Elizabeth in 180 km long corridor hosting varieties of wildlife.

Guided walks can be arranged in this park.



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