Trekking in Tanzania

Most of the well-kept secrets of the world are accessible on foot! Take some time to explore the off the beaten tracks of Tanzania; Enjoy the spectacular sights and encounters with colorful Tanzania cultures. Below are the popular trekking grounds in Tanzania worth time and energy. Safarified Africa can help tailor-make your experience to fit your aspirations.


Of course the most popular in Tanzania and the world at large, as one and the only free Standing Mountain accessible on foot. Being on Kilimanjaro judging by its height you are practically on the rooftop of Africa. Apart from the joy that can be found by standing on the roof of Africa, you got to enjoy beautiful sceneries during the duration of your trek. Unless you want to break the record the minimum days to trek Kilimanjaro is five

Mt. Meru

This is Famous for being Africa’s fifth peak after Kilimanjaro and Mount Kenya. It is seductively scenic, surrounded by series of Mommela lakes and dense highland forest attracting abundant wildlife worthy witnessing, it takes 3 to 4 Days to ascend and descend Mt. Meru

Crater Highlands

Rising from the floor of East Africa Great Rift Valley, are the chains of mountains and generations around the generations of Maasai people; who practically live side by side with wild animals in their surroundings. The chance to trek Crater highlands indeed offers the picturesque beauty and insights to inspire storytelling to the rest of the world; those donkey back wagons give the impression of the ancient civilization on your trekking journey.

Oldoinyo Lengai

This can be an extension of Crater highland trek. It is the only active volcano in the land of Kilimanjaro. Though normally trekked at night and highly challenging it is always worth your time and curiosity. The peak rewards you with an outstanding view of magical Kenya and Lake Natron. It five to six hours trek.

OldoinyoLengai means “Mountain of God” in Maasai Language

Usambara and UdzungwaMountain

Usambara is located in the northeastern part of the Tanzania country Tanga region to be specific. While Udzungwa is in the eastern part and in the Morogoro region. The two offers trekking in broad daylights and night trails in concentrated areas of biodiversity in Africa. Unique geological and environmental conditions will sure make you forget the rest of the busy world for the moment. Though there is the level of difficulty to be encountered for both new and experienced trekkers, sure won’t compare the mountain  Kilimanjaro

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