How to get to Tanzania?

Currency and Money Matters

The Tanzanian unit of currency is the Tanzanian Shilling (TSH). Bills range from 1 shilling to 10,000 shillings. The exchange rates fluctuate, the latest rates can be found here.

By Air

If you’re planning to visit Northern Tanzania, the best airport to arrive at is Kilimanjaro International Airport (KIA). KLM has daily flights from Amsterdam. Ethiopian and Kenya Airways also fly into KIA.

If you’re planning to visit Zanzibar, southern and western Tanzania, you’ll want to fly to the capital Dar es Salaam. European carriers that fly into Dar es Salaam include British Airways, Swissair and  KLM (which codeshares with Delta).

Regional flights to Zanzibar, Dar es Salaam,  and parts of northern Tanzania often fly from Nairobi (Kenya AirwaysAir Kenya) and Addis Ababa (Ethiopian Airlines). Precision Air has some flights per week to Entebbe (Uganda), Mombasa and Nairobi.

By Land

To and From Kenya: There are several bus services offered between Tanzania and Kenya. Buses frequently go from Nairobi to Dar es Salaam (around 13 hours) Mombasa to Dar es Salaam (around 12 hours), Nairobi to Arusha (5 hours), and Voi to Moshi. Some bus companies in Arusha will drop you off at your hotel in Nairobi and also offer pick-ups at Nairobi’s international airport.

To and From Malawi: The border passage between Tanzania and Malawi is located at the Songwe River Bridge. Straight buses between Dar es Salaam and Lilongwe depart numerous times per week and take around 27 hours. Your other option is to get to the border crossing and take minibusses in either direction to the closest towns — Karonga in Malawi and Mbeya in Tanzania. Spend the night and then continue on the next day. Both towns have regular long-distance bus services.

To and From Mozambique: The main border post is at Kilambo (Tanzania) which you can get to via minibus from Mtwara. Passing the border requires crossing the Ruvuma River and depending on the season and tides, this could be a simple quick canoe trip or an hour-long ferry ride. The border post in Mozambique is at Namiranga.

To and From Uganda: Regular buses travel from Kampala to Dar es Salaam (via Nairobi — so make sure you get a visa for Kenya to transit). The bus trip takes at least 25 hours. A more convenient crossing is from Kampala to Bukoba (on the shores of Lake Victoria) which gets you to Tanzania in about 7 hours. You can also take 3-4 hours trip by bus from Bukoba (Tanzania) to the Ugandan border town Masaka.

To and From Rwanda: Regional coach services shuttle from Kigali to Dar es Salaam at least once a week, the trip takes about 36 hours and passes through  Uganda first. Shorter trips between the Rwanda/Tanzania border at Rusumo Falls are possible but the security situation alters so inquire locally in Benako (Rwanda) or Mwanza (Tanzania). Buses also run at least once a day from Mwanza (it will take all day) to the border of Rwanda, and from there you can take a minibus to Kigali. Taking the bus from Mwanza means a ferry trip to start with so the schedule is fairly fixed.

To and From Zambia: Buses run a couple of times a week between Dar es Salaam and Lusaka (about 30 hours) and between Mbeya and Lusaka (about 16 hours). The border that is used most often is at Tunduma and you can get minibusses from Mbeya to Tunduma and then cross into Zambia and take public transport from there.

Flights & airlines to Tanzania

Please check Skyscanner or, for multiple destination flights, check Expedia to see which airlines can take you to Tanzania and what tickets would cost.

Domestic airlines & flights in Tanzania

Charter flights between parks are usually booked by tour operators as part of the tour package. Domestic tours can be booked with several domestic flights.

Tanzania Entry Requirements

Any foreigner looking for entering the United Republic of Tanzania is subject to the next entry requirements:

  • A passport or Travel Document which is valid for not less than six months;
  • A Residence Permit or a Pass or his name is endorsed upon the same;
  • A valid Visa (where applicable) from any Tanzania Mission abroad or on arrival at any designated entry points’ Visa issuing centers.
  • Tanzania is the low-risk yellow fever country; therefore all visitors entering the country should administer yellow fever vaccination which is taken 10 days before entering the country.

For more information click here

Entry authorization

Upon complying with the entry requirements, a visitor may be issued with a Visa or a Visitor’s Pass with validity not exceeding three months (and not exceeding six months for citizens of EAC Member States).

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