Kilimanjaro Trekking Cost: Comprehensive Insights

What are the costs of trekking Kilimanjaro? What factors have an effect on trekking prices?

Many different factors have an effect on trekking costs Kilimanjaro trek will value from $1,800 (average) to over $6,000 (luxury package) and on top of this information with the actual fact that there more than 250 accredited and many unaccredited operators within the region.  Therefore creating the best selection becomes a serious task. To understand the costs of Trekking Kilimanjaro some factors have to be taken into consideration.

Below is the estimated costs for 2 trekkers 7 days Machame Route

Kilimanjaro Park Fees

Every trekker on Kilimanjaro has to pay the park fees that is the clients and all the members of the crew. Park fees include conservation fee, camping fee, rescue fee, crew fee, and 18% VAT to these entire fees.

Type of fee Conservation Camping crew Rescue VAT GRAND TOTAL
Fee per person 70×7=490 50×7=350 1.7×7=11.9 10×1 1pax=1087.2
No.of people 2 2 12 2 2
Total 980 700 142.8 20 18% 2174.5


Kilimanjaro trekking crew wages

Kilimanjaro trekking crew includes potters, guides, cooks.  Whereas their wages per day varies as follows Potters($8-10), Guides($20-40), Assistant guide($15-30), cook($10-20)

Estimated Wages for Kilimanjaro Crew

Name Guide Assistant Guide Cook Potter GRAND TOTAL
wage 20×7=140 15×7=105 12×7=84 8×7=56
No.of people 1 2 1 8
Total amount 140 210 84 448 882


Supplies and Equipment

These include meals (3mealsper day) water and camping equipment such as tents, tables and chairs, gas stoves. Meals per climber maybe $50, while equipment $50.

Extra charges

These charges are for more comfortable trekking, it includes more improved meals and diets on the mountain as well as other small trekking gears that may be lacking on your list such as sleeping bags, trekking poles. Normally $50 per trekker

Hidden Taxes

These may include tour operator license fees and another number of taxes paid on an annual basis. These taxes affect trekkers indirectly. Normally we charge $40 per trekker


Though rising mountain peak doesn’t require any specialized coaching or skills, inherently dangerous activity. HAPE and HACE (High Altitude pneumonic and Cerebral Adema respectively) Ought to be taken into consideration. Therefore it is our responsibility to make sure all our clients are safely trekking the mountain by offering the necessary training to our guides every now and then as well as carrying the necessary equipment to neutralize the possible dangers such as Oxygen, Measuring systems and devices to check on our customers on daily basis. The cost for this is $35per climber

Accommodation before and after the climb

These will varies according to the specific choice of accommodation normally from $55-160. Estimated accommodation before and After the trek maybe $120 per person

Kilimanjaro Operator’s Commission

Normally charged anywhere between 15-30

costs fees Crew supplies addons Taxes Safety Accommodation TOTAl 15%service Charges
Amount 2174.5 882 200 100 80 35 240 3711.5 556.72
Per person 1087.2 441 100 50 40 70 120 1855.75
Total trek price 2pax 4268.22

As you’ll see, the value that one will fairly expect to receive in a very quote for Machame 7-day climb is around $2134 per climber in the group of 2.

Why you should not book cheap (below $1,800).

Taking into consideration the number of people in a group, the Kilimanjaro trekking through Machame 7 days cost may reach as low as $1800per person.

From these analyses please note the park fees take almost half of the entire trekking cost, and park fees are constant. To find an operator who is below that cost, you might want to question the service. A number of factors may be taken into consideration;

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