Tanzania Wildlife Safari

Tanzania is the leading most popular destination for  African wildlife Safaris, this is due to the fact that the country hosts quite a number of wildlife sanctuaries and parks which in turn attract people from all over the world to come and see.

Tanzania wildlife safari is a lifetime adventure where you get to pay a visit to wild animals’ ecosystem in Tanzania. It is a journey to Nature where you become a guest and the wild animals become your host. A Tanzania Wildlife Safari is very opposite from the day trips you might have made to your local town zoo, where you often see these wild animals caged.

In Tanzania wildlife safari table is turned, while you are in the cage in the form of Safari vehicle these animals roam free. You will get to see them going about their daily businesses which ultimately grace you with the show of your lifetime.

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Being able see the King lion roar, lazing, on honeymoon or hunting in the natural environment will sure delight you, A leopard lying on the tree branch, hyena laughing at the lion and prey, African Buffalo charging at the lion, giraffe moving gracefully while feeding on the tallest tree, hippos enjoying their muddy bath tabs, a lonely rhino somewhere in Ngorongoro or Serengeti, the elephant family on the move or the wildebeest migration endless cycle between Serengeti and Masai Mara. And many more above, all the relationships between predators and prey live.

Another amazing fact about Tanzania wildlife Safari is being able to sleep the middle of all these wild animals’ spectacular spectacles, in the simple budget camp or Luxurious tented lodge somewhere in the wild, you will often hear different kind of animals gracing you with their presence just close by your tent. This experience will simply thrill you.

There is no amount of words that can quite describe what is like to be on Tanzania wildlife safari; Just come and See :), for photographer a Tanzania wildlife Safari guarantees great photos!

Safarified Africa is just the agent you need, to experience the above, come inspire, rejoice, discover!

Tanzania Wildlife Safari Factors Affecting Prices

  • Accommodation

Accommodation takes almost half of your Safari price, there where you stay ha the biggest effect on your Safari price. Safari accommodation in Tanzania ranges from 100 dollars to 1000 dollars

  • Season of Travel

Either high season or low season, in high season a big crowd of people is on holiday, therefore, prices of accommodations get high, compared to the low season where many tour operators and lodges offer discounts

  • Number of People in a Group

The more you are the lesser the price, this is due to the sharing of cost especially the vehicle and accommodation

  • Destinations

Some destinations are more expensive to reach, hence require an extra cost, the far destination like Serengeti from Arusha is sure to cost more time and hence more money compared to Tarangire and Manyara and Arusha Park, The western circuit Gombe Mahale and Katavi will cost even more since you have to tale chartered airplane or more days on the road, hence makes the price higher[/tab]

Tanzania  Wildebeest Migration

East Africa Wildebeest migration is once in a lifetime event one should not plan to miss when experiencing an African safari. It is amazing how these wildebeest innocent acts of searching for green pasture for their day to day survival could be turned into the world’s greatest show!!

      Why Wildebeest Migration?

There is nowhere in the world you may witness the herd of more than 2 million animals together so determined to make it to the other side of the fence, except for Serengeti National park. I call these animals determined because they have to cross the Masai Mara river which is so full of crocodiles who takes joy in preying on easy lunch, yet for those who make it to the other side they have to encounter predators such as lions, hyenas, leopards, cheater and many other.

    When is it happening?

January-March: Breeding season especially around February and spread west across the Serengeti plains.

April-May: Migration is heading North Serengeti, you can find these animals in the are named Moru kopje and western Seronera

June-July: In June, July and maybe early August the Migration is crossing the Masai Mara river from Tanzania which is dry to Kenya where they are to find green pastures for their survival.

August-: Mostly the migration is in Kenya scattered in Grumeti reserve and Ikorongo.

September: In September you may catch the migration again crossing the same river from Kenya, where the dry season began to Tanzania where there id green pastures for them.

October –December: Migration is heading south through the western Loliondo area and Serengeti National park’s Lobo area.

NOTE: the Migration calendar may change according to climate change that is the delay or the hastening of the rain since the sole purpose of the migration is the lookout for green pasture.

Tanzania  Wildlife Safari Costs

Safari Costs may range anywhere between 200 up to 2000 and beyond per person, factor determining the price mostly is your kind of style of travel; Basic Budget, midrange or high-end person[/tab][/tabs] 

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