So you have heard of Serengeti, the national park in Tanzania, renowned for its great ecosystem and host the annual wildebeest Migration from time to time. Sure you probably have done some inquiries until you found us. Thank you for finding us. Below is some information on Serengeti that we consider Helpful.

Brief History

Serengeti was a well-kept secret from the outside world until An American Hunter from Nairobi Stewart Edward White came to discover it in 1913, during his hunting trip as he is quoted

“we walked for miles over burnt out country…Then I saw the green trees of the river, walked two miles more and find myself a paradise.”

Serengeti has been a true paradise since then, the Maasai people who grazed their cattle there also thought so, to them they called it Siringitu-“the place where the land moves on forever”

Serengeti was officially opened as the tourist attraction in 1951


The Serengeti Region encompasses the Ngorongoro conservation area, the Loliondo, Grumeti, Maswa game reserve, and Ikorongo controlled area and Maasai Mara national reserve in Kenya.

Ngorongoro Conservation Area Authority (NCAA) was purposely isolated from Serengeti as the result of rinderpest epidemic which severely affected both the population of Maasai and the animals in the area. Therefore the government of Tanzania had to resettle the Maasai around the Ngorongoro crater. On the other side reducing human activities such as poaching and fires from the Serengeti area, which in time has resulted in the development of dense woodlands?

How to Get There

You can enter Serengeti from different points, Musoma region, Loliondo area. Or through passing Ngorongoro conservation area. The popular route though is through Ngorongoro conservation area

You can enter Serengeti from different points, Musoma region, Loliondo area. Or through passing Ngorongoro conservation area. The popular route though is through Ngorongoro conservation area

What To Expect

Expect to see the majority of tropical animals wild lives scattered all over the endless plains. In Serengeti you will spot almost evenly wildlife animal found in Africa. Not to forget the chance to notice the great east Africa wildebeest migration which from time to time  has attracted a large number of spectators from all over the world

The Wildebeest Migration

What is it? I will simply define it the world show only available in East Africa in Tanzania and partly in Kenya to be specific. It is the migration of Wildebeest in the company of Zebras and other few animals in search of green pastures between the side of Serengeti Tanzania and the side of Serengeti Kenya which is Maasai Mara.

The Migration is special world event because not on hundreds or thousands of wildebeest migrate but more than 1.5 million, they do that year after year crossing the Grumeti river full of fierce crocodiles who takes joy in preying on easy Lunch. Can you imagine that?

Fun Stuffs to do

Most people visit national parks in search of the “big five” Yes finding the big five in the game drive can be fun, but finding the small five can be funnier.  It is human nature to be excited at the big visible things and forgetting the small ones at times. I think finding the small five in a game drive can be a challenge worth taking.

….The little five bellow is the challenge worth taking in your game drive adventure 🙂


There different kinds f accommodation in Serengeti, from public budget camping, mid range tented camps to high end tented camping. Also, there are the government hostels mainly suitable for students.

Time to Spend in Serengeti

14,750 kilometer per square, to enjoy these endless plains, you should at least spend 2 days of a full game drive, if you can spend more days for an ultimate lifetime experience

The longer you stay the more to discover the more the adventureh3 class=”post_list_title”>Best Season

Visiting wild animals in a different season of the year is the best experience one can have in an Africa adventure. Therefore I would say the best time to visit Serengeti is all year round.

Tips: when it is the dry season, be aware of the dust, so packing the best outfit to cope is something you should consider

When it is rainy, mud, mud everywhere, you will be lucky if your vehicle is not stuck in them at some point. Therefore consider the best outfit you can have to cope with the situation.

Things Not To Do

Getting outside the vehicle in the middle of the game drive, this is for your own safety, you are in the middle of the wild, you never know what your host wild have in store for your, so be safe stay in the vehicle, follow your guides’ instructions and all shall be well. Also, do not litter.

That’s it for today, there is a lot about Serengeti that has not been in writings, the best thing to figure out is to come to visit, and be the one to tell the world about them. Torch Adventures is here to help you discover the awesomeness of this Never Ending Plains.

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