Ever imagined being in the country full of wild creatures… the country that is dominated by the wild animals, birds, insect, reptiles and all kind of wild creatures you can imagine….the feeling is thrilling yet adventurous. Selous game reserve has it all when it comes to wildlife it is as big as 50,000 square Kilometers, that is bigger than Switzerland (41,285 square kilometers)

Selous is Africa’s largest and wildest game reserve, least know but has won the title of World Heritage Site. The reserve was named after Frederick Courtenay Selous a 19th-century hunter and soldier in the 1920s. it was voluntarily left to animals due to repeatedly sleeping sicknesses epidemics that human could not handle.

Northern Selous is suitable for photographic tourism with an attractive game-rich area in the whole ecosystem. The Rufiji River and its wide meandering water system; is one of the most outstanding ecological systems in the whole of Africa.

Elephant herd in Selous Game Reserve

The great Rufiji River has proven to be the main attraction for birds of all kinds found in the reserve ; and when the water level lower during the dry season the consecrated fish become an easy prey, therefore you will always find the water birds as Egyptian Gees, white-faced whistling ducks common during this particular time of the year.

Selous game reserve also contains about the one-third of the all wild dogs in the world

Facts About Selous

  • The reserve was named after the German hunter and soldier Frederick Courtenay Selous
  • The reserve is larger than Switzerland, twice as huge as the Serengeti and three-times bigger than the Kruger National Park
  • Higher density and diversity of species compared to any other Miombo woodland area in Africa continent.
  • One of the only places in Tanzania you can combine both land and river safaris. With the Rufiji river running through it, game sightings are fertile.
  • Does not have any restrictions of a national park, you can diverge from the roads and drive cross country, which gives better access to wildlife sightings. Often drives are done responsibly and are monitored by authorities
  • Over 400 species of birds have been recorded in the Selous, and with some patience, the elusive Pels fishing owl can be found along the river.
  • It is likely that there is a larger population of hippos in the Rufiji River and the lakes than any other wildlife park in Tanzania.
  • The crocodiles are among the biggest in East Africa.
  • Selous has the highest concentration of wild dogs left in the world; the park hosts around half of wild dogs population remaining in the world.
  • Privacy, despite the bigger size of the reserve, there are no the same numbers of tourists as the Serengeti and the Masai Mara.
  • The Selous has the debatable highest density of lion in Africa, according to the last wildlife census conducted.

Things to do

  • Walking safaris( for children from 12yrs old)
  • Game drives
  • Balloon Safari
  • Boating and canoeing
  • Luxury safaris
  • Birding
  • Weddings, honeymoons, and other celebrations

Best Time to visit

The best time to visit the Selous for the comfortable game drive is during the dry season, between late June and October. For birding, all year round is the best.  Migratory birds tend to Arrive in serous from October and stay through April.

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