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Indeed, Kenya is magical! Starting with adopting orphaned elephants to hand feeding Giraffes, breathtaking balloon safaris at dawn. There are so many other peculiar and breathtaking activities that you will enjoy in this magical land. Apart from Tanzania Kenya is another place to see” The big 5”, a stunning diversity of scenarios, birds, animals, and plant life without forgetting fascinating cultures. Safarified Africa team cannot wait to take pleasure and honor to show you around this Magical land. Bustling metropolis and towns, white sand beaches are all awaiting your discovery!

Amboseli National park

The park is famous for being the best place in Africa to get close to free-ranging elephants among other wildlife species. The different attraction of the park includes opportunities to officially visit the Masai societies and additionally offers spectacular views of Kilimanjaro, the best free-standing mountain inside the world.

In Amboseli’s case, it is big skies and far horizons combined with swampy springs and dry and dusty earth trampled by hundreds of animals who offers just the right show of nature between the predators and preys, or their daily struggles for survival.

Maasai Mara,

The remarkable game reserve shares a border with Serengeti. Named after Maasai people who can be spotted from afar, the park has gained popularity through the wildebeest Migration that can be seen from July-October. Also, the big number of Lions, Leopard, and cheaters in the place make it just the right spot for your wilderness dream.

Lake Nakuru

Located at the southern edge of the town of Nakuru and about 164 km north of Nairobi, the lake happens to facilitate the presence of Algae, which attracts a large population of flamingos, making it the best destination for bird watching. There are a remarkable number of endangered white and black rhinos, more than any place in Kenya. This magnificent water body host shows of prey and predators that will surely make your safari eventful and a memory to look back to with laughter.


This is the lift valley highest lake located just a short drive from Nairobi. The lake is the primary water source for zebras, waterbucks, Impalas, elands, Buffalos and other grazers who come for drinking, for hippos this is the perfect spot for cooling during the day. The unique geological features of papyrus swamp and acacia woodland witnessed the area’s volcanic past. More than 450 bird species reside here making it the perfect spot for bird watching too. Its breathtaking landscapes are sure something you should not miss while in Kenya.

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