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Reward your employee with an African safari incentive safari package and strengthen their working spirits towards the development of your business and company at large. For employers especially those with the large teams, it can be hard acknowledging workers individually as the results, lack of employees’ motivations. African continent destinations are unique in its people, […]

Take your party to another level with an African Safari, be it a birthday, anniversary, wedding and honeymoons, victories, Africa is the best place to celebrate your milestones! African Safari for a special celebration will sure guarantee the memories of a lifetime worth every penny of investment. -Why not honor your memories with an African […]

The African continent is a wonderful destination for families, with family-friendly lodges and camps throughout the continent that welcomes children of all ages. African family safari is an adventure to look forward to; African Safari wildlife areas are filled with amazing movies and storybook animal charters; the famous The Lion King Movie, setting in Serengeti, […]