Beach Holidays

For the beach life lovers! enjoy the tranquility that comes with the swirling waves at the shores, both beaches in Zanzibar and in Dar es Salaam Promise you the unforgettable memories to live by even when your back to the chaos of the modern life.

Walking on the edges of the Indian Ocean, taking a dive or simply relaxing by, strolling the ancient town of Zanzibar, while getting to know the history of the Sultan reign, indulging in spice testing activities, for Zanzibar is sure the Island of spices! not forgetting dinning at the rock in the middle of an Indian ocean.

Bagamoyo and Saadan in Dar es Salaam in Dar es Salaam will simply wow you!

If there was anywhere to travel halfway around the world for, it just might be Zanzibar, Tanzania. Apart from the famous rock restaurant in an Indian ocean, in Zanzibar, you are sure to visit the most amazing beaches in the world. Expect the relaxation that comes with the swirling waves at the shores. Beaches in Zanzibar promise you the unforgettable memories to live by even when your back to the chaos of modern life. Get to see the ancient ruins and varieties of spices, sure Zanzibar is the land of spices. If you are the seafood lover…. Zanzibar is even the best!


Places to be

Beaches: visit the unspoiled beaches, each beach in Zanzibar offer something special from dolphin tours, luxury stays, varieties of seafood to dhow cruises and so much more, you simply have to be there yourself to enjoy.

Spice Tour: there is a reason why Zanzibar is called the land of spices, the island is rich in rare spices and herbs around the world, take spice tour to learn and experience how spices are used in traditional food as well as medicine.

Jozani Forest: visit the Jozani forest to enjoy the beauty of the landscape(you may take amazing photos here) and get to see the rare colobus monkeys and the mangrove forest.

butterfly center: About a kilometer from Jozani forest is the largest butterfly center in East Africa, here you get to see stages of various butterfly growth, and support the conservation and community projects. Butterfly lovers this is not a place to miss.

Prison Island: Once used by an Arab slave trader to contain the more troublesome slaves he had brought from the African mainland before shipping them to the Arabian purchasers. The place is also home to giant Aldabra tortoises.

Forodhani Garden: The garden gets live in the evening, here you will varieties of seafood and local pizza, along with other Swahili food. Enjoy the sunset view while watching young people diving into the ocean.

Stone Town: visit the narrow streets of Zanzibar to get a glimpse of the past and present with various historical sites, such as the house of wonder and slave market. here you may also paint henna tattoos or shop Khanga dresses.

Those are just a few mentions, they’re a lot more to do in Zanzibar that will guarantee an adventurous stay,  full moon parties and varieties of water sports.

    This Bustling Tanzania metropolis is sure full of surprises. Popular for its white sands beaches. The coastal bay in Dar es Salaam outstretches the range of hotel resorts that allow its visitors to use both the beaches and the swimming pools.
      Just kilometers from Dar es Salaam there is Bagamoyo the coastal town rich in history as far back as Germany invasions in Tanzania and the awe of slave trade. Saadani is simply one of the kind paradise, its where wildlife meets the beach life. In Saadani you have the opportunity to jump into the Indian ocean straight after the Safari. If you have the idea of visiting the wilderness and the beach at the same time, look no further, Saadani is for you.

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