African Safari-All You Need to Know

African Safari simply means a journey to Africa or Vacation to Africa. Though due to the continent’s popularity for being a sanctuary of a larger number of wildlife parks and game reserve; the word Safari has been associated with Wildlife safari which includes game drive activities and hunting. The word Safari by its origin means long journey and its etymology comes from the Swahili Language; the Language which has its roots in East Africa, Tanzania to be particular.

With the original meaning of Safari, you will note that an African safari is not all about wildlife. African Safari is a journey to Africa continent and all that the continent has to offer.

Africa is the continent, not a country 

Most people from outside Africa have the misconception, that Africa is a single country. Hence view it as one entity, this is not true Africa is the continent; and a pretty big one is the second-largest continent in the world. Just like the other continent comprised of several countries each with own boundaries and administrations; Africa consists of 54 countries. Each country with its own geographical boundaries and administration. Therefore whatever happens to one country has nothing to do with the other country.

Popular African Safari country

Safaris booking is the African Largest travel platform, and it has been taking research about the popular countries for African safari destinations; asking travelers and experts about their experiences in Africa and vote for the favorite safari county in Africa. Below are the Top ten African Safari countries according to Safari bookings:

Best Safari Country

There is no definite answer for which is Africa’s best Safari country, Each country is unique, and if we start looking in each of the above mention countries; we probably will be writing a book for each one. Your choice of your best African country depend on your interests, this will help you choose exactly the best destination for your Safari holiday. Safarified Africa can always best help you with your choices after a few exchanges of information about your desired holiday. Also, read some African travel articles online and African travel guides before making an inquiry for your safari.

Each African Safari country has unique advantages over the other, though, after little consultation with Safarified Africa safari experts, you will be in a position to choose which country to visit.

Best Time

Africa spans between the equator and the two tropics, therefore, there will always be a destination to visit throughout the year.  Though there was the misconception that  African Safaris should be avoided during the rainy season, nowadays travelers know better as rainy seasons provide some of the most dramatic experiences and privacy. All you need to do make the most of the safari experience at any time of the year is to be equipped with the season’s necessary gears for comfortability.  Check with our Safarified Africa travel consultants for specific instruction at the given period of the year.

Accommodation & Food

Safari accommodation facilities are usually as ecological as their potential to be.  No trash collection truck within the wildlife area. No power lines and tiny reference to the fashionable world. Electricity is typical of the restrained star steam-powered selection, enough to supply soft lighting and charge a phone.  Some camps have no electricity and this is even more delightful, kerosene lanterns and candles providing an additional complete immersion within the bush. On the other hand, larger lodges and personal game reserves could have additional permanent electricity.

For luxury camping or tented lodge, the tents are comfortably roomy with verandas and private bathrooms and toilets supplied with hot water shower and washbasin. This kind of lodging has numbers of staff who will ensure gourmet meals, daily laundry. These kinds of tented lodges are always permanently located at a specific location.

For those doing budget, camping will have to travel with all of their camping equipment, guide and a cook in the vehicle. This kind of accommodation is economical and fun and usually uses the less expensive shared or public campsites. Beds are usually ground mattresses in a small tent.


Africa loves children; Children of all ages are welcome to do a safari. Though some safari rides will preferably avoid the children under a certain age for safety purposes, normally under 6 yrs. old, As long as you limit the noise and keep the windows closed you can take any kid to a wildlife safari and get as close as possible to wild animals. Some lodges offer kids entertainments, such as tribal visits, walking safaris, bow making, and others. When in the vehicle with the kids, kid’s music will keep the kids calm. Though there might be games for them offered on the vehicle, watching animals by identifying their favorite cartoon characters is the best game.

Safari Costs

Depending on the country of destination, safari costs can range anywhere from $200 to $1800 and above per person per day. After deciding on the budget you wish to spend, let your tour operator provide you with the possibilities of programs suitable for your budget.

Refer to factor affecting safari prices here


Probably you must have heard of political unrests, fatal diseases as Ebola, and other outbreaks in the continent and associate them to all of Africa; this is a misconception as you will come to understands outbreaks happen but not to all countries and sometimes hundreds of miles away from your dream destination

As with many countries around the world, Africa has its areas of danger and these should be avoided. There are many terrifying stories about the African continent but if you take necessary precaution African continent is the safe destination.

Planning your African Safari with Safarified Africa will clear any confusion and allow you to enjoy what will definitely be your most memorable holiday.

Possible Dangers

At some point in your African wildlife safari; you will come to close encounters with some of the most dangerous animals while in the safety of your safari vehicle. It is very important to follow your guide’s instructions. Safarifed Africa’s guides are trained to ensure the safety of the passengers in the wild. While with your guide your safety is in his/her hands. Do not think for any moment that you know it all. Listen to your guide and respect and honor the safety talks.

Animals may approach your vehicle at some moments, but mean you no harm. They will only react if they feel a threat; therefore respect their territory after all you are the visitor they are the host, keep calm and observe.


Malaria is real and it kills, but the chance for contracting it on a safari is very slim. The disease is normally easily transmitted on the highly populated area and tourist destinations are definitely not close to being highly populated.

For precaution always take anti-malaria medication before you depart for your African safari. During safari mornings and evenings cover up your body and use insect repellents to avoid mosquito bites.

Important Documents

  • Visas

Apart from a valid passport, some destinations such as Tanzania and Kenya require a visa for entry. We suggest the look up at the list of visa necessities of the African country you wish to visit on sites like Where a visa is required prior entrance; kindly apply your visa 3 months before your travel dates to avoid unnecessary discomforts.

  • Vaccines

Take some required vaccinations before your African safari; get an immunization for common diseases in Africa Such as Yellow fever, hepatitis A and B and typhoid. Talk to your doctor about the country you wish to visit, and he will provide you with the necessary information about the necessary vaccination.

You may also get information from your destination tour consultant; about the required vaccination and the manner of administration, like how many days should you be vaccinated before your departure to an African Safari.

  • Insurance           

Better be Safe than Sorry, cover all the unforeseen risks that may arise during your journey. loss of luggage, medical and robbery. Though to some operators, insurance is mandatory and some not; for your own safety,  purchase the travel insurance policy that will cover uncertainties on your African Safari. Check-in with your local insurance agent and get advice on travel insurance policies.

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