The African continent is a wonderful destination for families, with family-friendly lodges and camps throughout the continent that welcomes children of all ages. African family safari is an adventure to look forward to;

African Safari wildlife areas are filled with amazing movies and storybook animal charters; the famous The Lion King Movie, setting in Serengeti, Madagascar, wild, to mention but a few;  will sure to bring out the excitement not only for the kids but the adults too,  so as captivating people and exciting cultures; Not forgetting fresh air and the freedom of being out in the wilderness away from the bustling metropolis.

For families with kids, you will always find lodges that will engage the kids for the duration of your stay; such programs may include cultural village visits, guided walks, and sometimes hands-on junior ranger programs.

Swimming pools or plunge pools will keep the family engaged during hot afternoon hours. The suitable accommodation comes handy for every family member’s enjoyment, so we select properties that are family-friendly. Private mobile camping can be the best African safari experience for children, having slept under canvas in the African wilderness will simply thrill them.

When traveling with children consider Malaria; the dry season which ranges from June-October, December-March is a lower risk for these diseases.

Relish the flexibility of driving and/or flying between properties – both styles of transport have their advantages. Mixing the two up during the safari should keep the kids interested!

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