About  Angela- The Founder

The Background

As an Individual  It has always been my desire to write, inspire, go places, meet strangers and establishing new connections with them but somewhere along the way I got lost and lose focus. I found myself in the most boring place that I can ever be “Comfort Zone”. Until it struck me that I was sinking deep, that’s why I had to wake up!

I had an opportunity to move from the city of Dar is Salaam after 9 years of confinement in my own prison of fear and found new life and myself in Arusha city, the life that resonated with my aspiration.

The Awakening

While struggling to make the end meet I have worked for several local companies and in the process, I found myself again; that fire that was dying slowly, explode!. I wanted to do everything just like in the childhood, from being a salesperson to an operational manager to the website developer to a content writer to Safari/Kilimanjaro guide and almost anything you can imagine going on in the tour business.

Then the idea struck me like thunder…….. focus! Otherwise, you are going nowhere. I had to find the place to focus my energy and make the most of it serving fellow human beings in my community and world at large. So here I am!


It is my intention to make this website the place of inspiring, rejoicing and discovering. I use this website as a platform to connect to people around the world and help them book their dream African Adventure. I will not ask you to book with me directly yet! but I will ask you to book through me to the trustworthy companies of all budget range. And the most important of all I will make sure you are having the time of your life no matter what company you choose.

It is not like I do not want you to book with me, I do but….I will leave the subject for another time.


Marital status-wise I am still single…I keep thinking my “prince charming“ got lost on his way to me; if you happen to meet him, please direct him my way :).


I am a B.A sociology graduate who intentionally pursued the course for the sole purpose of being able to cope in society; By the time I got to college, I did not know what exactly to study!?.  Here I am 9 years later, after all the struggles, I have God and my Sociology to thank for. I can not imagine what life could have been without God and my B.A Sociology…..


I love food, enough to have mistaken my love to open the food business which I run for more than 3 years (2013-2017) and terribly failed at it leaving me with the lesson of my life that passion and business are two different things!  Interested?  lets chat…….

I plan to spend the rest of my life inspiring, rejoicing at what life brings to me, therefore booking your African dream holiday with us you are guaranteed to being the ripple effect of touching so many lives.

And What is Safarified Africa?

Safarified Africa is the future of African tour Companies!! Currently, the company is just an agency and a sole proprietorship, looking forward to making it a fully independent registered tour operator in the near future.

Inspire Rejoice and Discover?

Personally I have discovered by being of service to others you are helping yourself, even more, you may not realize at the moment but in the long run, you will catch up.

If you got through here……., connect and let me know what you think here



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