Planning your African Safari Adventure in Tanzania… well let this article be the guide to what you can accomplish while on this “Land of Kilimanjaro Serengeti, Ngorongoro and Zanzibar”.  From standing on the roof of Africa to game viewing among the remarkable wildlife parks in the world; to relaxing at the award-winning white sand beaches of Zanzibar. Follow along to explore the possibilities of your coming African Safari Adventure in Tanzania.

Stand on the Rooftop of Africa

Stand on the roof of Africa

There is nothing as exhilarating as the feeling of standing to the highest point of the continent as big as Africa! While the journey to reach there might be demanding for most visitors; reaching the highest point and being able to spend some moments; can be once in a lifetime adventure that you will tell with a smile for the rest of your life. In case you are wondering …. Mountain Kilimanjaro is the rooftop of Africa I am explaining about here. It is the highest point in the African continent yet the World’s highest free-standing mountain walkable by foot; it is in Tanzania. Therefore when planning your next adventure in Africa; you might want to consider standing on this remarkable free-standing structure. It may take the 5-8 days of your time.

Experience the Wildebeest Migration

Experience the Wildebeest Migration

The wildebeest migration, is the world’s biggest land animals show, that you get to witness only in Serengeti Tanzania. It is the endless movement of more than 2 million animals with wildebeest being the dominant group; with the company of zebras and gazelles followed by predators that make the feast out of them. Taking your 2 to 3 days safari in Serengeti can ensure you the perfect observation of the migrating herd; and all the activities taking place during their movement. Ever imagined what the herd of 2 million animals in one place looks like….. Well, make sure to include wildebeest tracking in your bucket list for the spectacular spectacle of your lifetime.

Big five tracking

Go big five tracking

This quest for the big five in the African Wilderness is sure a classic one that is a must in your African Safari Adventure in Tanzania. Do you know why they are called “The Big Five”…… let me enlighten you….. It is because they were identified by the hunters as the most difficult animals to hunt in the wild. Therefore spotting them in their natural environment and get to learn their behavior, admiring them, take a few pictures will give you the pride of being able to uncover them.


Observe lifestyles

Among more than 120 tribes in Tanzania, you are sure to find yourself some mesmerizing lifestyles that will give you a new perspective in life. Be shocked be inspired and discover the astonishing ways of life that you never imagined you could encounter. The still hunters and gatherers Hadza, or the pastoralists Masai have proven to be the most admired tribes due to their persistence in retaining their natural tribal values.

Luxury tented camp

Enjoy the extravaganza of luxury tented lodges

Well… after the day’s hassle and bustles of making the most of your adventurous programs, you deserve a little bit of luxury, soft feather pillows, a delicious 5-course meal, a warm bath, and even a treat to the spa. You will be amazed at the luxury you can find in the African wilderness, somewhere in the off the beaten corners of Serengeti, Selous, Ruaha, and other wildlife parks found in the country.

Engage in A zip line adventure

A bit of Adrenaline pumping activity might do you some good, while on the zip line shout out all the excitements, anxieties that might have piled up from the time you started planning you African Adventures, and leave some room for relaxation and discoveries?

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Whitesands beachesRelax at Exotic White sands Beaches of Zanzibar

What a way to unwind after your African Safari Adventure in Tanzania! Sort out all the experiences you just acquired in the whole journey while relaxing at one of the most amazing beaches in the world, the tranquility that comes with the swirling waves will surely bring out the energized you ready to face life back home with improved tactics as the result of your African Safari experiences in Tanzania.

The above experiences can be done in the span of 14-18 days of your time. Safarified Africa is just the agent you will need to make all of the above success in your African safari adventure in Tanzania. We are committed to providing inspirations, joy, and discoveries through African safari experiences.


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What is the rooftop of Africa?

Mountain Kilimanjaro is the rooftop of Africa. It is the highest point in the African continent yet the World’s highest free-standing mountain walkable by foot; it is in Tanzania.