African Holiday is the period most of us a looking forward to, since it is the period for celebration, assessment and setting new resolutions, above all it is the time to take the break from the whole year struggles and recharge.

Though for some of us during this period is even busier than the rest of the year, the only difference is we get the opportunity to enjoy impacting joyful moment to the fellow human beings more than any other period of the year.

For you who have been dreaming for an African holiday, or you who are still hesitating to take a step, there could never be the best time to take a step!

Below are the possible 7 ways you can make the most of your African Holiday this year and the years to come.

1.Witness the Wildebeest migration in Serengeti

I will go ahead and assume you have heard or seen East Africa Great Wildebeest Migration….The most popular movement in Serengeti which brings tourist around the world to witness this world wonder.  More than 1. 5 Wildebeest alongside zebras and other animals crossing borders in search of green pastures for their survival. The action keeps going on and on between the borders of Tanzania and Kenya from time immemorial. The great thing about visiting at this time of the year is you get to witness their calving season… See? You get to witness the birthing period and increase the population of these wonderful beasts.

2.Take a View from the Rooftop of Africa

Sure! A lot has been said about the roof of Africa, but nothing compares to challenging yourself to stand there on Christi mass eve or new years’ Eve… The journey to this roof is much more inspiring than the destination, just daring to take it… is an adventure that will be told in your entire life, the ups and down of ascending to the peak, can sure teach you a lot in life or help you reflect your life ’s journey.

3.Relax and explore what the white sands beaches of Zanzibar can offer

Ever heard of the famous white sands beaches of Zanzibar?  What about Swahili coast? While the white beaches in Zanzibar will guarantee you the calmness, great views and all kinds of water sports, the Swahili coast in stone town Zanzibar will walk you down the memory lane of magnificent past that is indeed awe stirring. The mixture of seafood, people and ancient building in the narrow alleys is something to look forward to this holiday

4.Visit the classic wildlife’s parks

For the wildlife lovers what a better way to visit the classic wildlife’s sanctuaries, these parks will guarantee you the live show of your favorite animation movies as “The Lion King” “Madagascar”, “The wild”, just get your whole family to tag along for this lifetime experience. In the park, just get busy identifying the animated characters and see if their behavior resembles their characters! I tell you it will be amazingly fun with the best guides.

5.Visit the Local community and probably give back

Learn ways of life in some African local Communities, for sure you will be astonished and find yourself a new perspective in life. In Tanzania the most attracting communities are the herdsmen Maasai and the hunters and gatherers Hadza, spend a day or two with these people though they appear to live in the stone age period, sure there is lot you can learn from the past, to keep your future bright or in another way, there is something that can be done to improve their lives. Visiting these communities you are not only going to wonder but also help the locals generate income in this festive period.

6.Just relax in the middle of an African Wilderness

African wilderness is not only for the game drives, they act as the perfect hideaways from the rest of the world and the chaos of our modern society, for those who are looking for quietness and meditation may take some days somewhere in the corners of Serengeti or Selous game reserve and make the most of tranquil found there.

7.Look for a new investment opportunity

Well! Remember it is just one year holiday, there are plenty more end of the year’s holidays to come, you got to scan the environment and see if there are ways that can guarantee your next holidays vacations, as most of the African countries are still developing, thus there a lot more that is needed to be done and guarantee mutual benefits for the investors and the locals alike, Opportunity for investment are available in tourism, Agriculture, Industries, Infrastructures, and Real hesitate

The great thing about all of this is we are here for you “we Will Take you There” just take the first step of getting in touch today! Our Team is hungry for guiding you!