Planning your African Safari Adventure in Tanzania… well let this article be the guide to what you can accomplish while on this “Land of Kilimanjaro Serengeti, Ngorongoro and Zanzibar”.  From standing on the roof of Africa to game viewing among the remarkable wildlife parks in the world; to relaxing at the award-winning white sand beaches […]

Mt. Kilimanjaro (5895 m) is the highest walkable point in the world; it is called the highest free-standing mountain in the world and it is in Tanzania. Nearly all trekkers on this mountain reach the peak (Uhuru Peak) with just walking sticks, accurate clothing, and willpower. climate Trekking Kilimanjaro is like taking a climatic world […]

Despite its small geographical cover, Zanzibar Island holds a legendary status in the eyes of many travelers; it is an island full of exotic beaches, culture, and history. Also known as Spice Island; it is located on the eastern coast of the African continent, part of Tanzania. The island is packed with amazing white sand […]

Serengeti National Park is so far the well-known wildlife sanctuary in the world, with matchless natural beauty and scientific value. Serengeti has the greatest concentration of plains which have earned the name of “endless plains” in Africa. The Serengeti national park is amazingly huge it is approximate 14,000 square kilometers of plains and the grassland […]