Ruaha is the true wilderness experience for anyone seeking! It is one of Tanzania wildest park, true and unspoiled. It is located far away from major cities and has a little number of tourists per year compared to the famous parks in popular Northern Tanzania. Though the park has decent road network it has challenging […]

Mother Nature will always find the way to surprise us, having seen these creatures uninteresting in person; their united moves have managed to become the world’s spectacular spectacle and have over time since the discovery become the subject of interest in Serengeti National Park, Ngorongoro conservation and Masai Mara game reserve ecosystem. This wildebeest migration […]

Ever imagined being in the country full of wild creatures… the country that is dominated by the wild animals, birds, insect, reptiles and all kind of wild creatures you can imagine….the feeling is thrilling yet adventurous. Selous game reserve has it all when it comes to wildlife it is as big as 50,000 square Kilometers, […]

The Ngorongoro Conservation was born out of The Serengeti refer to the article Serengeti-the never-ending plains; it came as the government strategy to reduce human activities such as fires and poaching in the Serengeti area. Therefore, they had to resettle the Masai community around the Ngorongoro crater area and gave it the name the Ngorongoro […]

An Overview Arusha National Park covers 552 sq. km (212 sq. miles), and is the closest National Park to and from Arusha city; “the hub of Tourism and Northern Tanzania safari capital”. This closeness to the town makes it the popular day trip destination for many visitors entering Arusha city and locals alike. The park […]

An overview Tarangire National Park is referred to as the largest ecosystem outside the Serengeti national park in the Tanzania northern circuit. Tarangire National Park is located just about 115 km. southwest of Arusha city; this is about two hours’ drive. The park is famous for harboring the largest herds of elephants, and it is […]

Overview Lake Manyara National Park stretches along the great East Africa Rift Valley escarpment; and it is the compact game-viewing circuit offerings a virtual small-scale version of the Tanzanian safari experience; including varied ecosystems, breathtaking views, and birdlife. Lake Manyara National Park is located on the way to Ngorongoro Crater and the Serengeti; it is […]

Reward your employee with an African safari incentive safari package and strengthen their working spirits towards the development of your business and company at large. For employers especially those with the large teams, it can be hard acknowledging workers individually as the results, lack of employees’ motivations. African continent destinations are unique in its people, […]

Take your party to another level with an African Safari, be it a birthday, anniversary, wedding and honeymoons, victories, Africa is the best place to celebrate your milestones! African Safari for a special celebration will sure guarantee the memories of a lifetime worth every penny of investment. -Why not honor your memories with an African […]

The African continent is a wonderful destination for families, with family-friendly lodges and camps throughout the continent that welcomes children of all ages. African family safari is an adventure to look forward to; African Safari wildlife areas are filled with amazing movies and storybook animal charters; the famous The Lion King Movie, setting in Serengeti, […]