African Holiday is the period most of us a looking forward to, since it is the period for celebration, assessment and setting new resolutions, above all it is the time to take the break from the whole year struggles and recharge. Though for some of us during this period is even busier than the rest […]

The best treks in Tanzania; for Enthusiastic trekkers who plan to visit or have found themselves in Tanzania, the mentioned trekking spots below are not to be missed! read along to know why. Mount Kilimanjaro The illustrious Kilimanjaro sure tops all treks in Tanzania, it attracts thousands of trekkers around the world, the feeling you […]

Let’s discover Tanzania….. On the eastern coast of the African continent just off the shores of an Indian Ocean lies a country so rich in resources, Tanzania. People People and their lifestyles have proven indeed the crucial attractions to why one should visit places, The more welcoming friendly and entertaining people the more reason to […]

So you have heard of Serengeti, the national park in Tanzania, renowned for its great ecosystem and host the annual wildebeest Migration from time to time. Sure you probably have done some inquiries until you found us. Thank you for finding us. Below is some information on Serengeti that we consider Helpful. Brief History Serengeti […]